ErgoFlip Mattress for Adjustable Beds: On Guard for Your Sleep

ErgoFlip Mattress for Adjustable Beds: On Guard for Your Sleep

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The importance of sleep cannot be underestimated. A dozen studies have researched how sleep quality affects people’s lives and proved that good sleep is vital not only for being physically healthy but also for staying cheerful, energetic, and optimistic. The value we get from our night rest largely depends on the sleeping surface since it defines how well your body will restore during those 7-8 hours you spend horizontally. Our muscles, joints, and ligaments should have comfortable support, allowing them to release stiffness and strain accumulated during the day. Moreover, a suitable sleeping surface ensures that the spine is aligned, and pressure on the hips and shoulders is minimized.

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How Does Mattress Contribute to a Sound Sleep?

First and foremost, a good mattress delivers desired comfort and reliable support, allowing for the natural spine position and pressure points. National Sleep Foundation conducted a survey stating that 92% of respondents consider a comfortable mattress a critical condition for a better-quality sleep. But what does a comfortable mattress mean? Some time ago, there was an opinion that sleeping on a firm surface is preferable, providing adequate back support that is key to a healthy spine. However, this position didn’t take into account one’s specific needs, which may vary significantly from person to person depending on their age, physical condition, and individual tastes. An ideal mattress should be a perfect combination of comfort and support, satisfying different sleeping preferences and matching a range of individual requirements.

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What Makes a Good Mattress?

Though the feeling of mattress comfort is subjective, it is said that a medium mattress − be it medium-soft or medium-firm − ensures proper back support and gives enough resilience and flexibility to find your best sleeping pose. As to the material, the pressure-relieving memory foam works well for side sleepers and those who like “sinking” into the mattress softness, whereas more responsive latex mattresses may be the best fit if the one likes sleeping on the back or stomach and prefers lying “on top” of the mattress’s surface. Also, if you’re considering what type of mattress is needed for an adjustable bed, you should know that mattress thickness particularly matters. The adjustable mattress should be 12” thick maximum to easily bend, following the adjustable bed movement.

ErgoFlip mattress


Driven by the idea of creating the best mattress for an adjustable bed, we developed the ErgoFlip mattress with an ideal combination of five foam layers, helping relieve pressure while providing enough support for your spine. 


ErgoFlip Adjustable Mattress

The ErgoFlip mattress is a 10.63” double-sided memory foam mattress with two firmness levels: soft and medium. Different firmness levels are perfect for back, side, and stomach sleep, allowing you to have a new sleeping experience simply by flipping the mattress.

ErgoFlip adjustable mattress


The five memory foam layers within the ErgoFlip all have their role of providing you with your desired mattress firmness, with their balance of memory foam support and comfort resulting in the perfect sleeping solution. With the ErgoFlip mattress, you can either let your shoulders sink in the softer layer or choose the medium one to have firm support for your back.

ErgoFlip mattress


Keeping a comfortable body temperature while sleeping is also essential to your comfort, with the gel layer transferring heat away from the body and making you feel cooler. Moreover, the breathable and washable fabric cover removes excessive heat and moisture from the mattress, letting you sleep comfortably.

Whatever firmness level you'd prefer, our mattress will align you into the proper resting posture to wash away your day's stresses by perfectly forming your body's shape.

The ErgoFlip Mattress by Progressive Bed was designed to pair perfectly with both our adjustable bed frames - Drift Classic, Drift Pro, and Drift Elite - and regular beds, providing long-lasting comfort and adaptive support.

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Paired with an adjustable base, the ErgoFlip can help:

  • Reduce joints, neck and back pain;
  • Ease muscles and strain;
  • Minimize snoring;
  • Improve sleeping posture;
  • Ameliorate sleep quality.


Browse our full line of adjustable bed frames, ranging in size and budget!

The ErgoFlip comes in four sizes to suit each frame: Twin XL, Queen, Split King, and King. It’s also super convenient to ship and set up, arriving in a box that, once opened, allows the mattress to expand to its full size. In addition, all our mattresses and frames come with a 15-year limited warranty and a 100-night sleep trial, ensuring you are happy with your choice. Learn more about the ErgoFlip mattress and browse the collection of our adjustable bed frames to revolutionize your sleep experience! Should you have any questions about the products, we’re here to help! | 1-800-828-9381

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