Quick Adjustment and Control

With this mobile app, you can effortlessly control our Bluetooth-enabled adjustable frames – Drift Classic, Pro, and Elite. Adjust head, back, leg sections and massage intensity, and easily manage and memorize custom bed positions to suit your sleep preferences. And that's not all! You can also set the silent alarm to gently wake you up in the morning with a massage or slow movement to your favorite position.

The App Features
  • Zero-gravity, flat, or anti-snore built-in positions 
  • Programmable presets to memorize your preferable bed configurations
  • Head, back, and leg adjustments for customizable comfort
  • Four massage modes with three intensity levels
  • Advanced alarm with the option to set bedtime and up to five alarms (available for Drift Pro and Drift Elite models).
  • Light and dark modes for easy app use
  • Bluetooth® dongle for pairing your mobile device with your adjustable bed (the dongle is sold separately).
  • Compatible with both iOS and Android.
Seamless Connectivity

The app works with all Progressive Bed frames through the Bluetooth dongle, allowing you to use your smartphone as a hand control to adjust your Progressive Bed electric frames. With the easy pairing of your mobile device and adjustable beds via Bluetooth®️ wireless technology, you can enjoy a seamless sleep experience like never before!

Easy Control for Better Sleep

Control your adjustable bed easily with the Progressive Sleep app! Upgrade your sleep experience today and wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated every morning.