What are the Main Features of our Electric Beds?

What are the Main Features of our Electric Beds?

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Electric beds come in a wide range of models which includes different features intended to offer the most comfortable and relaxing experience possible for their end-user. Every electric adjustable bed will share the similarities of coming with the main essential features; however, higher-end models also include other less common features which offer greater luxuries. In this article, we will cover the main features found in our progressive adjustable beds to gain a better understanding of how the different electric bed features can help improve sleep and relaxation!

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Our Adjustable Frame Range

Each of our adjustable bed frames comes with different features, designs, and price points to ensure everyone can find their perfect match. The three models we offer include:

Features Drift Classic Drift Pro Drift Elite
Head Adjustment
Leg Adjustment
2 Programmable Pre-set Positions
One Touch Flat Button
Anti Snore Mode
Zero Gravity Position
Wireless Remote
Adjustable Legs (3",6",9")
Mattress Retainer Bar
Battery Lock Wire
Bluetooth Smart Control (Optional)
Headboard Mounting (Optional)
Steel Frame
Zero Clearance None
Bed Slat Mounting (Optional) None
USB Chargers None
Back & Leg Massage None
Underbed LED Lighting None
Wall Hugger None None
Pillow Tilt None None

Head & Foot Adjustments

Head & foot adjustments are the most fundamental features which come included in all progressive adjustable beds. By using our head & foot adjustments, progressive adjustable beds offer the versatility of adjusting to the most comfortable positions to meet different user-specific conditions and requirements.

Head adjustment feature

Head adjustment feature

Foot adjustment feature

Foot adjustment feature


Programmable Pre-Sets

All progressive adjustable beds come with two programmable preset positions to store in memory. This allows for fast and convenient access to user-specific positions that were stored and avoids the need to make gradual adjustments when trying to return to the original perfect positions.

Remote One-Touch Positions

One-touch positions are offered in all progressive adjustable beds for popular positions such as:

  • Anti-Snore: Promotes easier breathing by raising the head.
  • Zero Gravity: Eases breathing by raising the head while reducing stress and fatigue by promoting blood circulation from elevating legs.
  • Flat: Flattens the adjustable bed.

Adjustable Legs

Adjustable legs for 3”, 6”, or 9” ground clearance is available on all progressive adjustable beds. The Drift Classic and Drift Pro models also have the option for zero clearance by skipping the installation of adjustable legs when no elevation was required.

Adjustable legs


Wireless Remote

Wireless remotes are used on all progressive adjustable beds for user control. The wireless remotes offer greater independence for individuals with limited mobility while also improving overall convenience by allowing user control from anywhere in the bedroom.

The wireless remotes


Optional Accessories

We also offer optional accessories (sold separately) with extra features that you may find beneficial for your needs!

  • Headboard Brackets are compatible with all progressive adjustable beds to mount your favorite headboards!
  • Bluetooth Dongles are compatible with all progressive adjustable beds for convenient controls through Smartphone App.
  • Bed Slat Brackets are compatible with Drift Classic and Drift Pro models for mounting bed slats to help support your mattress.


Back and Leg Massage

Back and leg massage features can be experienced through our Drift Pro and Drift Elite models. The soothing massage features help bring you to a comfortable and relaxed state for the best electric bed experience possible!

Massagers installed

Massagers installed


Underbed Lighting

Both Drift Pro and Drift Elite models come with the added feature of underbed lighting. Enjoy a luxurious bedroom setting with our underbed lighting to set the tone and brighten your mood!

Underbed lighting feature

Underbed lighting feature


USB Chargers

The benefits of fast and easy access to USB chargers come with the Drift Pro and Drift Elite for charging electronics such as phones, tablets, smartwatches, and other USB devices. These USB chargers are especially useful for preventing USB devices from running out of power while watching movies, reading articles, or browsing the web comfortably in bed.

Drift Elite bed


Wall Hugger

Users with limited mobility will especially find the Drift Elite beneficial for the popular wall hugger feature. This feature keeps the Drift Elite remaining in one place as it adjusts upward, offering the convenience of staying in the same spot as you sit upright to remain comfortably within normal reach of your nightstand.>

Wall Hugger


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Neck Adjustment

By tilting the neck adjustment to the preferred angle, users will also enjoy the benefit of more personalized movement with our Drift Elite. Adjusting your neck to the ideal personalized position helps reduce neck pain and promotes proper reading posture by keeping your eyes correctly leveled to the screen.

Adjustment bed


Adjustable Bed Sizes

All the adjustable bed models we offer come in Twin XL or queen sizes and the option for the King/Split King configurations when there are two Twin XL sized frames together.

Adjustable Bed Sizes Compatible Mattress Size
Twin XL 38" x 80"
Queen 60" x 80"
King/Split King 76" x 80" / 2 pcs 38" x 80"

Size comparison of mattress compatibility

Our single Twin XL size frame is the perfect option for individuals who require adjustable beds with a compact design. The feature of being most compact in size makes this a space-efficient option for users with space constraints and is also great for those who do not need much space to remain comfortable in bed. The King/Split King size is the ideal configuration if users want the feature of controlling their two frames independently using one remote. This configuration also offers the feature of synchronizing two beds to move together at the same time.

Adjustable Bed


Although the King/Split King configurations are not available with our Queen size frame, one Queen size frame is larger than one Twin XL size frame of the same model. If only one individual will be using the adjustable bed, the larger surface area from a Queen size frame allows for greater overall comfort compared to one Twin XL size frame.

The suitable adjustable bed and mattress combo for each user greatly depends on what size was required to meet a room’s space constraints while still being a comfortably sized bed. It is also important to consider whether there will be a future need of merging two beds while having the features of synchronous motion or independent control through one remote.

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In Summary

By coming with all the desired features, dream adjustable beds offer high levels of convenience, comfort, and luxury for the most relaxing experience in bed. We hope you found this article helpful and informative, especially if you were looking for more information on what features were available from some of the best electric beds on the market!

If you have any queries or wish to discuss our products further, please do not hesitate in reaching out to us! We are experts in what we do and want to ensure you find the best bed solutions to meet your needs.

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