Progressive Bed Canada Products Our adjustable electric bed is the ultimate in comfort, quality and convenience. The bed consists of an adjustable frame, matching mattress and accessories for comfortable use of the bed. Your perfect sleep is just a click away with the Progressive Bed! shopify_CA_7380684275897_42418953224377 Bluetooth Dongle You can now control your adjustable bed wirelessly! Use our Bluetooth dongle PB-AC01 to connect the Progressive Bed frame to your smartphone via the Progressive Sleep app, available for both Android and iOS platforms. With this app, you can:   Set up to 5 alarms with advanced features Preset zero-gravity, flat, or anti-snore positions Memorize your favorite bed configuration Regulate head, back, and leg adjustment Switch between massage 4 modes and 3 intensity levels ... and get more user-geared features to enhance your sleeping experience. #short-descriptionThis Bluetooth adapter for an adjustable bed is light and compact, requiring no installation. Simply plug the dongle into the adjustable bed’s control box, download the app, pair the adapter with your device, and use your smartphone to adjust the bed right away! The Progressive Sleep app allows you to put your bed in zero-gravity, flat, or anti-snore positions, create programmable presets to memorize your preferable bed configuration, and control head, back, and leg adjustment. Moreover, with the app, you can choose massage modes and intensity levels and use the alarm, packed with advanced user-geared features. The Bluetooth dongle is compatible with all models in our range – Drift Classic, Drift Pro, and Drift Elite. 37.50 CAD 2024-10-13T00:30-0800 in stock 37.50 CAD new PB-AC01 643459811829 Progressive Bed USA 0.04 lb Accessories shopify_CA_7562878582969_43117330464953 Slat Brackets for Drift Classic/Pro If you want to use an adjustable bed with your existing frame, you’ll find benefits in our mounting brackets. The bracket set consists of four brackets, which, being attached on each frame’s side, elevate your adjustable frame so that it has some space underneath. This space will prevent the adjustable bed motion mechanisms from colliding with the slats of your existing frame when changing the bed’s position. The bed frame slat brackets are recommended for people who want to experience the benefits of our Drift Classic and Drift Pro adjustable beds while keeping their existing bed slats. 55.00 CAD 2024-10-13T00:30-0800 in stock 55.00 CAD new PB-AC04 643459811850 Progressive Bed USA 2.7 lb Accessories